Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Comrade Anonymous yeo said...

wooot! 1st! nice update guys....

Tue Oct 11, 11:10:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thot this entry pales in comparison to ur previous ones. jia ba jing bah.

Tue Oct 11, 11:15:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Moody said...

hahahaha!!!! this is rich. good one! Nice colour change also...

Tue Oct 11, 11:28:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Ev@nEyF said...

You got HCI school shorts colour wrong! But nvm since I think u did this in a rush...

Wed Oct 12, 12:23:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

the shade of the hwachong shorts is wrong. this post is somewhat lacking of something. hopefully u guys can come up with something fresh and funny next week. jiayou!

Wed Oct 12, 12:24:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

this entry is not as good at the rest man. seems like a last minute thing. the previous ones were so much better. maybe promos fried ur brains dearies. hope the future entries will at least be reader friendly. this colour scheme sucks.

Wed Oct 12, 12:25:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger woonie said...

haha yea looks more like cat high to me lol.

Wed Oct 12, 12:28:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does the nanyang girl have a ponytail! surely that's an offence that is punishable by firing squard! hack it off!! off with it!

other than this minor quibble, this enty rocks!!! :)) or as certain members of a certain school might say: this entry is ROCK! ;)

Wed Oct 12, 12:59:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Agagooga said...

Uhh. Is this seditious too? Hehe.

Wed Oct 12, 02:03:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous moo said...

hmm, i guess u guys did this in a rush... but anyway, its quite interesting when u include mao and stalin..wahaha (non-history students will be like huh?)

take ur time to do other entries ok? we are counting on u

Wed Oct 12, 02:18:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...


how come the studentssketchpad became a communistpartyrebellion..?

Wed Oct 12, 11:45:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger wildborg said...

Nice change to your skin, but I still prefer the old one. Anyway hope your following posts will be better =)

Wed Oct 12, 12:11:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger markhsx said...

great one =) let's see what the govt can say.

Wed Oct 12, 12:25:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger En & Hou said...

lol..you guys don't read the footnotes do you.. - En

Wed Oct 12, 12:48:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

the latest entry seems to be slightest less hilarious than the rest of the comics found here... but i think perhaps it's due to the fear that they would offend people? well people if you want satire you have to take the humourous insults with a pinch of salt

Wed Oct 12, 01:16:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: the following is not meant to be defamatory in nature, neither is it meant to be innuendo and does not contain any malice of any sort.

Essentially, I kind of think the overly strict rules on freedom of expression just instills fear in us and keeps us on tenterhooks when blogging. I mean, who on earth would want to risk his or her future just cause of some defamatory comment? And its just magnified when the defamatory comment is a seemingly trivial one, and there's a problem with that already. What about the not-so-trivial issues then?

It feels suffocative, really. It seems to me that the haven that I could once seek solace in has been destroyed.

Wed Oct 12, 01:17:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Amon said...

I am seeing red here. Can we cut out all tat lovey dovey gooey bgr stuff at the end of the story. Makes me sick. Who is tat handsome yng dude on the btm far right next to Maddie NK Kimmy? Brad Pitt in beards disguise?

Wed Oct 12, 01:28:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats che guevara, ex cuban dictator, supremo umero of all funky commie leaders.

Wed Oct 12, 01:33:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh thanks for the tip dude. for a moment there i tot he was just some hunky dude looking for action. Hee Ha!

Wed Oct 12, 01:46:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Misayo said...

The point isn't that its not as funny >__>

I don't think that you would get into trouble. I feel that this site has already sort-of established itself as one that pokes fun at schools with no malicious intent. You've already provided a disclaimer so I guess its alright.

Not everyone has the same limits, and catering to the most prudish would just result in not-as-funny jokes. So just go on with your ideas I guess. =)

Wed Oct 12, 01:55:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger En & Hou said...

thats the problem isn't it? if i cater to the most prudish i'd be boring.. currently if i had done the SCGS strip now, i wld have gotten sued-! and this site would be long gone..

Wed Oct 12, 02:11:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger En & Hou said...

I can't work in such an environment.. where students can threaten to sue their own seniors for the case of that chinese high site.

Thing is currently, i can ONLY cater to the most prudish and boring.. because they currently hold the most power under the circumstances!

ALL I NEED IS ONE! ONE UNHAPPY PERSON CALL POLICE, and i kena tekan big trouble liao. Remember, all i need to incur is offense!
one person to say:"I think this blog is disturbing, i cldn't sleep at home at night.. make me feel very bad" And poom! i may get sent to jail..

Lucky i got backup copy of the site, with the exception of the latest entry where the Chinese High Boy goes up the the NY girl and says:"You have nice child bearing hips"..heehee, now i can read it in private and laugh.

Whats next? I used to pull girls hair when i was young, now if i pull they may SUE ME!

Wed Oct 12, 02:22:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Christ! said...

jesus! gOD! did u juz say dukes of hazzards? hey tat is a pretty neat line there u have!

Wed Oct 12, 02:22:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous myt said...

i come from HCI and i didnt find the blog insulting at all, it was just all for fun and i believe we all know that.. its only the dumbasses who take offense to every little thing that find it offensive. I mean, its ok to laugh at ourselves once in a while, thats just part of life isnt it ?

Wed Oct 12, 02:29:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Innocent bystander said...

HI! I m like juz surfing around untill I surfed my ass up yr blog. IT IS AMAZING! You hav such a cute blog here, full of satire and hunmor, I think I will be subscribing for it anytime soon now. GOsh! Look at those fags! I didnt know tat! Now I have a thing or two I can espouse in my history presentation class! Thanks pals!

Wed Oct 12, 03:10:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with what en says, that all it needs is ONE unhappy person to shut your site down through a lawsuit.

yeah, just like the chinese high diary you might be making a lot of people laugh but maybe the authorities will see it differently (ie slander? defacing the name of the school?)

thing is, how sensitive are we? i myself thought the chinese high site was classic. it's sad how some people can't take a joke.

Wed Oct 12, 03:36:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Wed Oct 12, 03:46:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous AMONdeDUDE said...

Oh fiddlesticks. It is just a blog on two red-heads (brunettes).Did I just said that? GOsh.The lines I keep coming up with. Hey Stalin, Mao, Ho Chee Min,etc are juz so pinko and dead ok. Mind them and you might as well visit Mao's masouleum and drool.

Wed Oct 12, 03:59:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Law student said...

As a Law student i would like to point out that there is no grounds for them to sue you. threats they may throw at you are just threats after all. it can be obviously clear that what you are doing is all in the name of fun and thus if this actually gets to court the judge will probably laugh your opponent out of the court room.
so keep it up.. don't cave in to these threats! Freedom of speece as long as it does not aim to incite racial, religious riots ^_^ remember you are innocent until proven guilty.. i would like to see how other people will prove the mens rea element..

Wed Oct 12, 04:08:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Mou said...

don't be afraid, dudes. keep it up!

Wed Oct 12, 04:30:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous rgsbanana said...

YES update!!!!!!!!!! xD oh please please please carry on with your plans during the holidays!!!oh pleaseeeeee! oh and can you do something on our brother sch RI?that would be a laugh! xD

Wed Oct 12, 05:10:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's perfectly ok to have a laugh at ourselves, but not to the extent that what we post distorts history. I enjoyed your previous postings, and your (jovial) mocking of school stereotypes (introducing it to many classmates and friends), but the latest entry seems to be in bad taste (Mao, communism, the gulags, Stalin) It's a misnomer to term HCI as "communist" -- the school may have been linked to communist history in the past, but that was decades ago.

Again would like to stress that there's a difference between distorting history and facts and mocking stereotypes.. not that there ought to be an absolute standard of censorship, or OB markers clamping down altogether on free speech, but that there ought to be good taste in whatever's posted.


Wed Oct 12, 06:09:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing, yes many of us reading these web-comics here may be Singaporeans or PRs, but consider how this appears to people of other cultures (e.g. the Chinese from China, esp. the more traditional ones) It seems a tad insulting to certain people from certain countries who may still harbour great respect for Mao for his contributions or his influence... while you (probably) have no ill intentions on your part, society is made in such a way that different people have different perspectives and different interpretations -- this makes it a big point for contention/conflict.

Wed Oct 12, 06:16:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back, boys. :)

Wed Oct 12, 06:25:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh shut up....make fun of them because you can't make fun of our own political leaders.. i say we have our kick at communist leaders anyday!

Wed Oct 12, 06:33:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know, I don't think it's a very good idea to scribble on Mao and Stalin although it does make them look better.. er I mean, -coughcough- but this is an open website and anybody can visit. Just imagine WJW's reaction if he sees that Mao of yours.. lol.

Wed Oct 12, 07:04:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys nice job again!

u guys didnt go to far la...i mean its all abit of fun. its a webcomic aft all right....and the people u're making fun of are individuals, we dont think the entire school is stereotyped like that. keep up the good work!

btw im from TCHS :)

Wed Oct 12, 07:31:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

freedom? hmm... i tink u can have as much as u wan as long as u dun overdo certain things... ppl noe tt its just for laughs esp when u tok bout many schools at one go... tt particular diary of a CHS boy ish just targetted at one school... yup... jia you!

Wed Oct 12, 08:05:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous DudeOdude said...

u know wat! I jus realised i now free read of a good comic, juz as good as the ones on newstand. This must surely rox!

Wed Oct 12, 08:07:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha if you guys are really afraid about posting anything seditious, why even post about communism?

in my view, putting HCI with the word 'communism' might get you more trouble than making fun of HCI's chinese culture? (remembering that post whereby some HCI guy went reciting a chinese poem, haha)

i personally feel that as long as your posts does not touch on sensitive stuff like racism or politics we can still take it. or at least i still can.

(Maybe I would right now, what better way to control your opposition than to define one... don't blame me, I learn from my country's best.) haha i like this one. i believe in democracy anyways. xD

Wed Oct 12, 08:28:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

u guys are relle creative and smart...i tink its alright for all e post... its funni to luff at ourself sometimes, dun overdo it can liaoz...

(Maybe I would right now, what better way to control your opposition than to define one... don't blame me, I learn from my country's best.) NICE ONE! keep up the good work.... i wanna luff at RIs also..pls update T.T

Wed Oct 12, 08:49:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger teabag said...

i think SCGS girls are up to your jokes seriously ;) and i think, people should learn to read all these jokes with a pinch of salt, its all in the name of good fun ;) i'd be absolutely disgusted if you'd get sued for this site.. :) anyhow, stalin was known to all the political leaders in those days as "uncle joe" instead of "stalin" heh

Wed Oct 12, 09:18:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

me graduated from chi high!!(not HCI...the new name is..bleaughz). just think all those pple hu find such stuff offensive are just petty losers. woooops. do i get sued for dat?

Wed Oct 12, 11:35:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Agagooga said...

Whatever you do, some people will get offended. So the lowest common denominator would be puns and corny jokes. Or doing nothing.

You're not talking about individuals - institutions rather, so the grounds for a lawsuit are slim. I think the schools have better things to do than sue you! And if they do you can go down in flames, and they'll be known as being incredibly petty *g* Remember the "legal notice" from the "SCGS prefectorial board" (or something?) Hah!

I still say you shouldn't have gone public in the first place, because it gives idiots stupid ideas about legal action :P

Thu Oct 13, 12:08:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

To En and Hou: We unfortunately live in a society which, although supposedly entering the ranks of first world countries, is not truly enlightnened. The Dim SUm Dollies (which I personally enjoy) laugh at the very culture of being Singaporean yet no is is up in arms about them. Now students of this modern generation are able to embrace these vibrant young ladies but not the thought of their schools being innocently made fun of? Guys, do not waste your time or breath on them.

Thu Oct 13, 12:36:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger dw said...

lol i like it the way u use so many different pictures of mao and stalin. and heck lah, be controversial... generates interest --> generates news --> Straits Times got field day --> more $$$ for gahmen

Thu Oct 13, 07:51:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

i prefer previous skin. so bright cannot read.

Thu Oct 13, 07:52:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous /michelangelo said...

do a webcomic on singaporean jcs, yo! it'll be a nice change from drawing caricatures of secondary sch students, and of course, provoking those overly-LOYAL (as in dog-loyal) students. and weird communists.
the jc students are quite funny (both HA HA and NUTTY NUTTY), no? (((:

Thu Oct 13, 08:10:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

its easy.
just say what you mean and don't say what you don't mean. it will hardly turn out to be anything seditious.

Thu Oct 13, 10:54:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a blogger account, so I'll have to post under 'anonymous'.

En & Hou: I would think that you guys don't really have that much to fear from lawsuits and such. Simply put, if you guys are smart enough to come up with this witty and entertaining webcomic, you should be able to figure out what is sedition/slander and what is not sedition/slander.
Firstly, you guys are poking fun at common stereotypes about local schools and local students. This can't be sedition. The only people who'll get upset at this would be touchy people who fit the stereotype. I know there isn't a shortage of touchy locals, but thankfully the national average intelligence level hasn't sunk to the point where we would throw lawsuits at each other over stuff like "Your blog said only girls like pink, I'm a guy who likes pink OMG YOU SAID I'M A GIRL I'M GONNA SUE!" At least, not yet. =P
2. Slander is directed at a single person or group. Relax. ACS(I) or any other school for that matter have better things to do (like for e.g. raise average L1R5) Don't lump yourself in with young kids who think badmouthing other people (their teachers) is considered "freedom of speech". No, it's not. It's a blatant abuse of the REAL concept of 'freedom of speech', rendering everyone who supports it look stupid. What'll get you sued for slander? E.g. Replacing Mao or Stalin in the latest strip with a photo of your teacher.
(Of course, no one cares about ee-vil commie dictators. =P)

Fri Oct 14, 12:58:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous zing said...

I think if you draw it in comic form, and they complain, they'll just end up looking like IDIOTS who are making a big fuss over nothing. Nobody will take them seriously if they complain about a comic! Just keep doing what you do best. Don't let The Man get you down.

P.S. if you drew a Sin City Singapore School style comic, I WOULD WORSHIP YOU FOREVER.

Fri Oct 14, 04:19:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

pigeonholing tchs as marxist pricks? thats fine. but outdated.
they're just flaming hairy muggers nowadays. boring!!!!

Fri Oct 14, 07:57:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous EternalLuv Story said...

Awww. Tat is such a sweet luv story. Two pinkos in eternal embrace and secret admirers. Does Mao's eyelashes flutter as much? Did Stalin have to send Mao to the ghettos? Tat is sad. They shld have eloped to Spain?

Fri Oct 14, 09:07:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

but btw, i dont think tchs guys mug as much as RI boys. so why term them muggers?

secondly, muggers is not the correct word. students ARENT robbers.

so en and hou, do try ur best not to go along with stereotypes.

that is, if you may.

Fri Oct 14, 01:56:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger eng said...

I don't know man, any school that gets 60% 6A1s MUST SOUND MUGGISH to any ol lousy other-schooler like me.

Fri Oct 14, 03:55:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote agagooga:
You're not talking about individuals - institutions rather, so the grounds for a lawsuit are slim. I think the schools have better things to do than sue you! And if they do you can go down in flames, and they'll be known as being incredibly petty *g* Remember the "legal notice" from the "SCGS prefectorial board" (or something?) Hah!

hey did u not read that the "legal notice" was posted by a prankster [search the blog for the sch which the prankster is from]. i already thought it might be someone trying to convince ppl that scgs girls are really petty. see how ppl are trying to frame scgs girls? too bad they found out who he was. surely, u guys would think it was a prankster, even before they confirmed it really was?

Fri Oct 14, 04:43:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger lee zhixin said...

The blogging atmosphere is seriously getting suffocating. Whatever you write might offend someone. Wonder why few or even none of our writers ever gotten any literary awards yet?

The Chinese High blog was closed down? I sort of suspected that when it went dead. Never thought that someone would actually threaten to sue him when it's rather obvious that the blog should be taken as a joke, but I guess you can never tell.

Post your other ideas up, I think you can always make another blog in the event that someone actually takes offence at anything. I don't know. Somehow it just feels we can't write anything nowadays without worrying about getting sued.

Fri Oct 14, 11:06:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...


en and hou must be running out of ideas.

its all centred on schools. top schools. and single sex ones.

all on stereotypes that are just plain, stupid.

culture changes with time. not every student that attends a certain school adheres to that culture. that is, if one does not accept the culture dere, that is his or her individual not to buy it, and create another culture they deem to be comfortable in.

in fact, by drawing such comics, i feel it brings out the yawning gap between what is happening in the school and stereotypes.

i just hope that conformists to such stereotypes should change their perspective of certain issues. SOME people eh?

Fri Oct 14, 11:18:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous =zhi= said...

gosh please DO carry on with ur plans in the hols. (Being an ex-ny girl myself, I'm really looking forward to a good laugh. :P ) Good job on the webcomic, love it. :>

Fri Oct 14, 11:43:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

u guys have done a great job... maybe u shld ask tips frm colin goh of talkingcock fame how he avoids being hentam by the gahmen...
i see dat u guys state clearly dat all this is purely satirical (if its really true then its just too bad) with no malice involved
i hope ppl will realise dat in being more open we have to be open and react maturely to satire... within the sedition act, of course

Sat Oct 15, 12:29:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger jjjoke said...

hehe.. nice comic strip.
cant believe people out there would stoop as low as to stop something thats obviously meant to be a joke

Sat Oct 15, 12:43:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Alexlolzzz said...

Personally felt that this issue is be deep into singapore,Mayhaps 2 deep.
Still prefer previous issue that are more funny.

Sat Oct 15, 04:34:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger Agagooga said...

Anonymous Fri Oct 14, 11:18:56 PM SGT: Satirising stereotypes is one way to combat them.

Sat Oct 15, 05:29:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger En & Hou said...

Agagooga : That's what I somehow thought, too.


Sat Oct 15, 07:21:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Third party said...

I read u guys entries in Tomorrow and tat foto of u two were so sweet and cute. I notice u dont have a contact somewhere? Is there a number we cld reach. It will be such fun bouncing off ideas like tat. Don;t u think?

Sat Oct 15, 08:35:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger En & Hou said...

Third party : Email us.


Sat Oct 15, 11:31:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you know that you are dealing with an issue that is likely to offend zero people. Let's face it, there are some issues which can cause people to hate each other, and religion is one of them. None of us are Communist here, so why would anyone get upset?

Insulting political icons is different from insulting religious figures and beliefs.

If you get hauled away for joking about an issue which is hardly controversial to Singaporeans, then I would worry that the Sedition law was being loosely applied to stifle freedom of expression, but as long as the law targets only racist bastards for their extreme comments, your point is not proven.

Sun Oct 16, 06:57:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger jeeohdee said...

i suppose it's ok if you make fun of every school, then it's not discriminatory or racist. heh.

continue with your plans! besides, if they shut you down, just start another one lah!

and all that red. it blinds me!

Mon Oct 17, 01:20:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous huangy said...

TO one of the commenters above: I am a LIT student, never touched history, and I KNOW WHO STALIN, MAO and CHE are, and the idealogies behind communism! Who say we lit students dunno? betcha you didnt catch the kingshaw reference though you can hardly be blamed ;P EDUCATION IS NOT LIMITED WITHIN THE CLASSROOM YOU KNOW.

That is highly seditious (cough) and im totally gonna sue. (just KIDDING LAH.)

Mon Oct 17, 12:20:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

trying too hard guys, lame would be an understatement...

yup, the color does suck.

awaiting a better post next time =)

Mon Oct 17, 06:51:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese from China. Although I am against communism, i still feel offended by this entry.

Mon Oct 17, 07:33:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously, i liked the comics about schools better. please carry on with your plans in holidays.

Mon Oct 17, 08:24:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger woonie said...

When's your next update? so long liaoz.

Mon Oct 17, 10:18:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiyo petty little hci boys :p

Mon Oct 17, 11:00:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the teachers were not a pain in the ass then people wouldnt write shit about them anyway. Here in the US you got websites like www.ratemyprofessor.com, and you can write anything you want, anonymously of course. but still. How can you ever do something or say something that is not insulting to someone else. Even if you live life for yourself. I like Beef, you love cows. I like tables, you love trees. Theres always gonna be a conflict anyway

Tue Oct 18, 11:17:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great work! The entire sedition issue is just overblown and sexed-up. It's nice to see that in a "authoritarian democracy" there are such witticisms and hilarious socio-political commentaries thriving; this is a rare breed.

Keep up the great work!
-TCHS/HCI student (who regrettably, did not get to read the TCHS blog before it was shut down)

Tue Oct 18, 09:39:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger wen yang said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wed Oct 19, 12:06:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous return said...

nice work lah, just to give some encouragment to En.
Aiyoh, En ar.. next time give some background INFO on Mao, Stalin and Ho Chee Min, and all the communist leaders lah. Ppl go "WTF?!" in this issue.... =D
For those people who dun understand ar, TOO BAD FOR U lor....

Wed Oct 19, 01:31:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous KM said...

to hou: next update coming when?and are ya gonna reccomend the numanuma dance?

Wed Oct 19, 06:21:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous XPDude said...


(nice comic strip. i hate the red)

Wed Oct 19, 07:26:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha. this nygh girl gives you the green light!

Wed Oct 19, 08:14:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha ngoei would be so proud (:

Wed Oct 19, 11:47:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger zach said...

i think.
that entry.
doesn't have to be funny, but what the heck.
its good stuff!

Thu Oct 20, 04:10:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think you are amazing.

They can't sue you, because you are hilarious. The end. Also, your witticisms cover a wide span and you aren't, as someone previous mentioned, attacking or villifying any one person.

Talkingcock has always been offensive to me because the people they mock (particularly PAP members) are actually that - real individuals, whom I think don't deserve that.

And this is awesome. Have I said that already?

Cheers, babes.

Thu Oct 20, 10:55:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Blogger ee said...

Well, if people can't tell humour from offensive content... I've nothing to say about that, really.

Saw an earlier comment about doing JC humour, and I think it's a great idea, considering the amount of humour fodder you guys can work on.

Keep the laughs coming (:

Mon Oct 24, 02:08:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous mel said...

hi, i though this was a good entry. i guess it was made to cater for people in singapore?? but it also works on other levels. which is good..
and also i dont noe what colour HCI shorts are sposed to be, so i didnt notice. hehe

Mon Oct 24, 09:17:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous mib said...

As an anarcho-capitalist formerly from The Chinese High School, aka the Singapore Communist School, I protest your demonisation of our Shakola-Mat, and denounce it as crimethink! :D

BTW, cut down on the leg hair reference. It gets old, and besides, it hurt people like me with lots of leg hair. :P

Tue Oct 25, 01:05:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous numb said...

hey, good job. this is REALLY REALLY hilarious. hmm, i guess all these is alright since there are bound to be some prejudice against every school. hmm, im from one of the shcools mentioned, but i still find it funny anyway. jus for entertainment so pals out there, take it easy...

Sun Nov 20, 10:59:00 PM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! And Nanyang girls CAN have ponytails now btw. o.o

Mon Apr 07, 02:00:00 AM GMT+8  
Comrade Anonymous Anonymous said...

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