Friday, October 27, 2006

Exam Blues

You can have a look at our previous issues here. The last entry was around July, in which then we were mugging away for our 'A' levels. Well they are just days away now.

(Drawn by Richard Lee, NY Sketchbook)

Understandably, our readers may be looking around for other buzzes on the blogosphere in the meantime. Just weeks ago, letters for conscription were quick shortly after our 'A' levels, so we're not pretty sure what's gonna be ahead, perhaps we may have a text-based blog as a substitute in future? (Well, we can't bring the Tablet PC to Tekong, can we?)

For those are craving for webcomics, you may like some local, political cartoons like this :

while those who prefer following the latest hoo-hahs around the blogosphere, Insane Polygon introduces The Adventures of the Elite Girl after the Wee Shu Min saga :

We hope that you have enjoyed our series of webcomics we have drawn for the past year as much as we have done! (Some old files fixed as well, now accessible)

Till then, see you after the 'A' levels!

En & Hou
The Students' Sketchpad