Sunday, November 27, 2005

GEPers Repent!

We are so happy together! - God made GEPers Special! - GEPers are beautiful - We 'R' GEPers too! - GEPer Pride... - Mainstream Kids 'R' Immature -  STOP THE HATE! GEPers are humans too!
But a parent stands alone...fighting for his beliefs! - Unnatural mugging is wrong! - GEPer Life is no proper life...Repent Now! - The GEPers went into a blind rage! - Stop your Hate filled Diatribes!
GEPers have a right! We should not be ashamed of ourselves! - That's where you are wrong...The life of a an Empty search for intellectual pleasure...
The first GEPer was Socrates! And look what happened to him! He was put to death for his views! - It is still not too late for you! You can still turn back! Repent! - Your views are groundless! We all should have the right to study about shadows in cavewalls!
The GEPer crowd grew angrier and angrier! In their eyes burned the fires of rage! And they were about to lunge at the poor parent!
Will this search for intellectual gratification lead you anywhere? Are you too wrapped in your books? - Don't you know that all those mental gymnastics only make you stick your head up your a**? - The crowd grew silent...
Oh its true...I always felt as if I was in a deep dark hole, and I wanted to fill the hole...but no matter how I try to fill this hole, the hole is always empty, wanting more stuff to fill it...I have searched everywhere things to fill this hole, but never am I satisfied!
Oh Dear...Please forgive me for being as anal...I knew I was a^^hole...
Oh I am so Happy not to be a GEPer! I'm SAVED!
Curses! Foiled again! - Mugging demon - Physics - Chem - Econ - gssq was saved because he stopped being a GEPer! He no longer has to go through mugging hell! But what about YOU?
Tick if you repent... - I realise Students' Sketchpad is true and I want a life... - I want to read Students' Sketchpad everyday. - I want to go to my local LAN shop and play DOTA.

Some background information about this issue.

Featuring gssq! ;) And I apologise for the lateness of the release of this and next issues. Greetings from Hong Kong!
- Hou

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Local Knowledge

It just hit upon me why this webcomic probably can't make it out of Singapore.

Being myself travelling in a different land, with a similiar education system, similiar culture, similiar chio/hot/cute schoolgirls, but having no idea at all on its school stereotypes.

Oppps. Looks like HSBC is right.

P.S. The next two issues will be released on a weekend, due to problems finding a stable Internet connection here. - Hou

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Love By The Bridge

Click on each image for its English translation.

Desperate schoolgirls! The Series - TOY SALE All Must Go! LELONG LELONG! - The Gender Confused !GirlMan! CHIJ - Tough Talking, Boyish, Swiss Knives, Army Tanks, Guns - L.A. SC SLK not included - 100% Plastic - 100% Glam - gssq approved! - Pull for Craziness!
Episode I - Love By The Bridge - So, what did you granny say? - Forget it.
A few days ago... - My grandson, have you found a new girlfriend yet? - Or is it that Nanyang girl again? Told you NOT to meet her anymore!
I don't understand what prejudice you have on my girlfriend! - Young man, you are too immature. You are the descendant of the Lee Family, you are responsible for carrying down our family line...
But yet, you choose to remain foolish! Look at your girlfriend's body! - Chest too small, milk will become a problem - Lack of child-bearing hip size.
With such a body, how is she going to bear children for the Lee Family? - Little NYs, Little HCIs...
How about me introduce you a few girls? Their bodies are what I call 'quality'! - Have a look at their photographs! - PERSONAL ADS Looking for rich handsome male, no cannibal chieftians please! and can speak good English - Big Blue - Granny can't read the written word. - Look at the huge chest! Think about her plump, child-bearing hips!
Don't make me PUKE! Dirty granny, don't you know that modern love is NOT all about reproduction? - Don't vomit out my high-quality bird's nest soup! You western-liberal, just refuses to respect our tradition!
I shall NOT tolerate your wayward thinkings and life! They must be corrected, NOW! - I shall NOT forgive anyone who belittle my girlfriend!
I hope your injuries are not too serious... - Still doing fine...

New series! :) And a bonus pic :

No prizes for guessing the location. ;)

Don't understand chinese? Click on each image for its English translation.
- Hou

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lost (Part IV)

LOST Part IV - Reign of BIG BLUE
They never pay any heed to SJI's peophecies... - Wheeze...Breathe... - China Sword - Like fools, they clung onto old hatred, and fought for generations... - Cannibal war helmet - Breathe...Wheeze...
Until the day...The Sky rained FIRE...
They stand upon the brink of destruction - Oh...Fiddlesticks... - Impossible... - Fpr tje Reign of Big Blue has come, at last... - Female Power - Mao's Thoughts.
Hey...Guys... I seem to have lost my way... Where's Paragon? - Ooooo... - Oh for goodness sake, can you please let them go...It's so unglam...and please get some clothes...ugh...where's your sense of style...eww. - Humph...and I don't really taste like mushmellows either, it's just a trick I use to hook up guys. bf's supposed to fetch me...I think he's late... - Oh wait, there he is! - Sorry dear, there's a traffic jam down at Dark Portal. - Mercedes Benz Dead Horse MLK (X-Class) - But I've bought you a new Frostmourne Nano!
Bye guys, let them both go ohkayz... - .... - Yeah dudes, stay cool! - Back at the camp... - RI Dictator - Finally, the Rocket is complete!
Let's face it, I am BORN to Lead... - Due to my smart choices, leadership skills and big brain... - Rocket nozzle - We've made tough decisions that is best for the people, We know the people best and we are in the position to make the best...blah blah blah...Tilting tower of Rocket
Ehy...What is happening... - RI Dictator - No! No! No! Oh...No! Oh No! No! - Who tell you to Lean on it! - Its not my fault!
Listen you Pompous Egghead! I want to go home! I am sick of your screwed up Leadership...I worked my ass off for that Rocket... - But... But, It's the people's fault, not Mine!... We should teach less learn more... - Now Now, don't fight... - YA LORHZ.

Don't understand the introduction? View this video first. (Requires free Fileplanet/GameSpy membership) - En & Hou

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Lost (Part III)

LOST Part III - The Wedding Feast... - The RGS Girl was so welcomed, that the chieftian decided to marry her... - YAY! I now rule over an egalitarian kingdom...
At the marriage feast... - Grand chieftian - In celebration of our marriage, we have decided to kill Big Blue! - Yay! - Yes! - Boo hoo...
Save ,e RGSgirl... Boo hoo... I don't want to get eaten! - No, finally I am in a classless society! - Finally, I am able to fufill my deepest desires as queen of an unpolluted population...
This is a great moment! Where is the beer! - Yes Beer! - What?!! He he...I...uh...*hic* Drink it all for prophecy! Hehe...*hic*
mmm 0 Uh...*hic*...Not a good idea. - You drink beer, beer in you, we eat you, we DRINK BEER! - HELP! - Nooo...Don't eat me! I smell! - Eat! Eat!
What atrocity! - You have all ashamed me! I was singing for my dearie, and you all had actually interrupted me!
How dare you disrupt my marriage! You shall pay for your insolence! For insulting the Queen of the cannibals! - Kill em'! - Grrr...
NO!! - My Dear! - Oh No! I have harmed a fellow female! - You're inhumane!
My Dear! You cannot die! Your time is not yet up! It's still early! I still need you to be by my side! - You...You must remember...
...You must remember...that my love for you is must stand strong!
You are indeed right...I have no right to cry...... - Because a man's tear flows in his heart!

To be continued...

Like all Chinese Kung Fu Movies, women are subjugated to become characters that play the love interest of the main character, or evil temptresses that seduce unsuspecting monks.

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