Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words...

"The Girls will give our campus an added touch of class. I expect we'll be applying our gentlemenly skills very often" - Matthew Lee (From ST)

"Trend subtlety but accurately depicted in the traditional mainstream print media." (Refer to our past webcomic entry) ;)
- En & Hou

(Courtesy of Straits Times, Page 3, 29 October 2005)

And captions from our readers :

"Look here, we got these girls between our legs!" - Anonymous

"Okay, let's buy some nanyang girls now." - Kenneth

" RGS - 'Smile for the camera!'
MGS - 'Smile for the guys!'
SCGS - 'Smile for the watch!' "
- Somebody

"Guy on right: 'Hey! Have you heard? These girls are attached to the same guy!'
Guy on left: 'You're talking to him.' "
- bear

"Editor: 'Eww let's just cut off the ACSians heads. The photo looks much better this way.' " - woonie

"Did we sit properly? Otherwise our photo may end up at!" - sifm.lm. (Abbrv)

"After a failure to win the Rugby double, ACS(I) decided to bring in 3 professionals to teach their rugby players how to be fierce." - Ram

"ACS guys: Goodie! Now we can give our hands a rest." - wmx

"I wonder which one of us they will pick as their bride." - lisa

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lost (Part II)

LOST Part II - The Legend of the BIG BLUE - OOGA! OGGA CHANGA - Human Vodka - Beer Beer - Days ago... - I see legend...I hear prophecy...BURP...More Vodka.
ONBOARD...From the fireball from sky, it that shall take away hunger...So speak the runes... - Like the great serpantward of DOTA has foretold...BIG BLUE shall come down on that great Fireball...
Her meat shall solve all hunger...for it taste like marshmellow puffs...and rum. More beer...More vodka...*Burp*...More Gin...That is the legend of Big Blue.
For our eldergods, stealth assassin, pudge and leviathan have foretold... so it shall be! *Burp* More gin, more vodka...More for more prophecy! - Are you sure this new witchdoctor is reliable? - We ate the last one.
When everyone has left... - SJI Boy - GAWD I'm so drunk. More...More...Vodka...Burp!~ Hee Hee, I can't believe they fell for that...What did...I talk about in the first place... - Mask made during art classes. - HAHAHA...SUCKERS. What is BIG BLUE anyway.
At the Student Basecamp... - Marriage?! Marriage doesn't enpower women! - How can you allow such travesty! - AHHH...!! - Forgive Us!
I will find those cannibals and wipe em' out! - Grrr... - This way to cannibal camp.
At the cannibal camp. - Cannibals! Listen up! Your uncivilised ways are OVER! From now on... Wait a sec... - You guys !DON'T! wear Bra or Underwear!
Why, such...noble savages...Like what Rosseau has said, that man is bound by civilisation...and will become evil...clearly civilisation has not corrupted the hearts of all of you... - CAN I like...join you guys...hehe.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the island... - Moon
To Be Continued...

HCI boy : My dear, the moon is so round tonight. This reminds me of the song my father used to woo my mother...
NY girl : Awwwwww...That's so lovely of you.
HCI boy : Two, two, three, four, action! (Sings karaoke song)

To be continued...

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lost (Part I)

LOST Part I - September 2005, a group of students are stranded on an Island...due to a terrible plane crash... (With thanks to our guest co-writer C. Lim
School Air - Day 1. The RI & RGS people propose the island infrastructure. - The rest of you are clearly unfit for leadership! - Only RI & RGS are fit to rule!
The Rafflesian Plan : To build a large water bottle rocket. Learnt from the National Science Challenge A*Star, and escape on it. Plan A. - People, Bike Pump - Not all decide to submit to Rafflesian rule...Some discuss woman's mag questions - Did you bring condoms? Uhh...No.
RVians, go gather supplies... - Kay Lorhz. - Oh Kayz - RI leader, aka Great Dictator. - 9 Daus later...The RVians did not return...The administration was worried... - Where have they gone?!
The Rafflesian administration called upon the most prolific breed of check the case... - MAYBE NOW YOU WILL START TO WORK!?! - The ACSians have set up nightclubs, we're working on a rocket, and all of you are still slacking! - Or else what...? - Or else you won't live long enough... - I see you still wear bras...
Like a horde of complaining monkeys...They searched for the missing RVians... - Stupid RI - Yucks Dun Want - eee...Bugs... - Yucks Bushes - And they found the RVians... Supplies! Surprise! HOLY!!?? - RV - AHH...Crazy doctors! - I thot dey wanz supplies - Yah Lorhz.
2 weeks later...Cannibal natives confront the group... - We demand a wife for our grand chieftian...Or Else, we will eat all of you! - Eat! Eat! - You will never submit to your EVIL ways!
The chieftian's wife will live in luxury, and unlimited foods will be given...State of the art Leaf g-strings will also be given to her... - Yes, yes. - YES! Yes! Alright! Food. Luxury.
Guys, now is not the time to be imperialistic...We should embrace their culture. I volunteer to be chieftian's wife! - The cannibals nod in agreement. - Yes. Big Blue, will do fine! - Yes, the fat one will do. - Chieftian will be pleased. - Who ya calling fat? Leaf man...
In the cannibal camp... - Ahh...This is the life, food and more unidentifiable foods...Plus, I get these special oils... - Finger lickin humans - Cannibal sanders - Spice bath secret reciepe with secret spices. - Meanwhile... - When will BIG BLUE be ready? - Chieftian likes em PLUMP!

To be continued...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005