Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

For those who are looking forward to having a new look on their desktop, we've released a wallpaper. Click on the image above to download it.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all readers a happy, prosperous, and fruitful New Year.

Those who missed the latest news below : No new issue for both projects on the last week of the year. We'll be back in the first week of 2006.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Special

Season's Greetings! And a related discussion is ongoing at our Notebook project.

No new issue for both projects on the last week of the year. We'll be back after the New Year. - En & Hou

(Feb 2006, also see Christmas Special, Continued)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sister Project Launched

The Students' Notebook is now launched on a trial basis. This project is a academic journal covering educational issues, and has a few additional contributors other than ourselves.

More stuff will be gradually coming up soon - We hope to interest readers in what we write, as much as we have done so in our drawings. :)

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Gift From The Gods

Desperate schoolgirls! The Series - Episode III - Gift from the Gods - No matter how hard I try... He Still doesn't notice!
If only there's a greater power I can rely on...Someone that can help me... - RG GIRL...Why are you crying... - What? What is that voice?
I am Athena! Warrior queen of Rafflesian Wisdom! I am the God that guards over all RG Girls... for what cause do you cry?
Am I seeing things? - Uh... ... ... I like this RI boy and - RI BOYS! Thats...Zeus! That Old Fart!
King of Gods - Zeus Lord of lightning and RI boys - Its not my FAULT! The girl carries an ae! She's no girlfriend type! Bloody Feminist...You too! Carrying your swor...
What! You Old Fart! Lousy Chauvinist! Who elected you leader?
You can't talk to me like that! This emblem is the mark of authority! This is the mark of the lightning God! - I've seen that b4.
There they go unglam... As the TRUE supreme being I have to do something! - Hera. Goddess of SCGS girls. Supposedly goddess of maternity. (Now just tai-taihood & consumerism.)
Accessories make a woman look glam, why don't you give her all te stuff you used to own when you were younger. - Good idea! With my stuff, no one can resist her! NO ONE!! HAHA!
The next day... - I sure hope this works... - Some sacrifices have to be made... - tick...tock...tick...tock...tick...tock... - RI Boy
HAHA!HAHA! Whats with your gettup!?
OUCH! BAM! - CRRK... - ...HELP! - *SQUEAK*
This is not possible... - BOOM!! - AAAGHH!!
Moments later...everything returns to normal... This sucks... Now that I've hospitalised him, he will never like me... what could get worse...
Why did I bother to ask... - Hey I'm AC Guy... I saw you in your costume... hehe... need umbrella? - Got bf anot? - Umbrella of enslavement...
BAM! - At hospital... - Oi, wonderwoman on Kids Central...I wonder if RG girl is watching... - Kick! Punch! Ouch! - RI Boy - Do not try this at home.

It's getting longer and longer! =P Anyway, we're still fixing up the Notebook, and will announce it once ready. :) - Hou

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gone With The Crescent

Desperate schoolgirls! The Series - Episode II - Gone With The Crescent - He was my neighour since primary school...The only guy I ever liked for the past ten years... - Evolve Agumon! Evolve! - She still liked bras then. - I was in RGPS, He was in NYPS...
He went to RI, I went to RGS... It was perfect... under the candlelight... during the blackout... of 2004... - Now she doesn't. - We both aspired to go Havard, to study law and medicine... So that we may return to rule the country...
All was well...until SHE moved in...The Crescent first we laughed at her... - HAHAHA! Uniform looks like lightbulb! - ... - But then...their relationship grew closer...and he stopped mugging so frequently with me... - It's not the same without him...cupboard replacement.
They went bungee jumping at Boat Quay... - RG Girl - K-Boxing...with her friends...
Playing on the Beach... - Watching Movies...
Princess, why did you not choose that knowledgeable and powerful wizard - Jafar? He is so...intellectual! - Because you are more fun! - But your future will be more brighter with him! - Silly...When it comes to romance...Fun outranks usefulness or intelligence! - Who'd thought that Disney movies are so hurtful! - WAAAH! Boo Hoo... - Siao lang...
FUN SHOULD NEVER OUTRANK INTELLIGENCE! So say me and my axe! - I'm sick of this imposition of male desires upon women! As far as I'm concerned INTELLIGENT and STRONG WOMEN are beautiful! - Please be quiet in the cinema...
I'm gonna burn this cinema to the ground for its endorsement of such chauvinistic views! - Uh... - DIE! DIE! - Cinplex . Movies -  Ahh Ahh - Help!
When things got calmer... - Empty buckets... - I suppose I did over-react...Nothing like ice-cream to calm me down... - I suppose there is nothing I can win his heart...
Maybe if I drop some hints, he would show greater interest in me...! And with dignity and subtlety! - Hey, RI Boy, I bought you a red blood cell toy! - I can like put it on top of my head! Its so cool! - Uh...
No wait, there are the white blood cells as well! See how white and fuzzy it is...! - White blood cell! Red blood cell! Hemoglobin! Iron makes it red! Lalala! - Did you hurt your head??
There are the Reticulocytes, and Lymphocytes, not to forget the Granulocytes...Lala - Blood is so exciting! Blood is so relaxing! But...But! ...But MY favourite blood is YOU! LaLa - Is YOU! IS YOU! - Don't move! I have books about mental delirium!
IS YOU! IS YOU! IS YOU! IS YOU! IS YOU! IS YOU! - Let me go get them... - No wait! There's this song about white elephant tee-shirts! And its written for you too...
And so began the advertising Blitz... - HEY RI BOY GET A CLUE - Hey, look! Fireworks! - What, is it National Day yet?
StarHub - I think someone likes you...RI BOY - RG (ME!) - Ever get the feeling the whole world is trying to tell you somethng? - I hate to tell you this but... I think...

Apologies for the delay. Comes with 50% extra content though! ;) - Hou

Serious! RGS girls are selling their blood shaped soft toys!please support - En

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