Wednesday, May 17, 2006

G for...

G for...
Remember, remember the seventh of May... - Minority forms, Aspersions and Plot. I see no reason why minority form's aspersions should ever be forgot...
3 weeks later... At the ISD headquarters... - I still don't see why we have to read the blog of 17-year-olds... - Because they're DANGEROUS!
Politics should not be turned into info-tainment! This applies to 17-year olds as well! We must WATCH THEM!
WATCH THIS! - Prisoner G! In a Wayang mask! I thought you were in Sweden and we let you off with a 'warning'!
You garrulous gasbag! The ghastly gallows won't stop my great gusto to bring this gerrymandering government to its knees after this general election! Gomez is no more! I am G!
I see you guys are surfing blogs with seditious content! Good job guys! It widens your horizons! - ... - Her name is Gayle.
Say. Gayle starts with G too! Like Gomez! - Yeah... It does. - She's a GEPer as well...That starts with G too!
We should like tell MOE to encourage this sorta behaviour... - HAHAHAHA! MOE will never do that! NEVER!
This never happened...alright? Contact the counter-terrorist forces, now. - Right. Sir.
You know...George Yeo starts with G too. - Shut Up. You are still beholden to the Father, the Son and the Holy Goh. - Right. Sir. Trinity.

Season Three, or Two and half if you wish. We're back on drawing abeit slow (looks at mountain of schoolwork) ;) - Hou

Gayle actually came up to me in school and asked me to draw something for her.. being suitably flattered (we are not worthy!) I was thrust back into the comic business. Go Gayle! - En

(Update...19 May 2006) And...Following the surge of political interest in Gayle's i-speak!, comes i-do-not-speak! - En

Nursery Rhyme adaptation taken from , aka Gabe Seah.

A new and upcoming blog called The Commander Report has caught my eye. Has anyone checked it out yet? its very funny - En

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Another Photo Speaks a Thousand Words...

"There is no better authority to endorse this". - En & Hou

If you think this was just an one-off incident, think again!

Like the previous one, we would like to invite our readers to submit your caption for this little gem :

As for the regular issues, the block tests are over, but we are still in the midst of generating concepts for Season Three. ;)

Further reading : Elitism: Who, Us? (Gayle Goh)

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