Thursday, January 12, 2006

An ACSian Will Die Today (Pt I)

(Translation for pages 6 & 7)

Minion : When that fake ang moh's coming, boss? We've been waiting so long, that everyone is almost falling asleep!
Boss : I'm sure that fake ang moh will keep his promise...The goods should be here soon.
HCI Godfather : What's taking so long? Half my (cigarette) stick is gone already!

To Be Continued...

(Dialogue - all the good parts by throughglassdarkly, guest writer for this series.)

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Story of Meritocratic Jesus

Take note of the following before you comment :

(i) Background knowledge on meritocracy is needed to fully appreciate this issue.

(ii) No schools? This issue does not really cover any particular school, and is only an one-off instance of such. (more of education & society)

(iii) As usual, our legal disclaimer applies.

(iv) Parallel discussion on the issue by throughglassdarkly on the Notebook project.

(v) Christians who are offended and insulted, please take the time to read the STEP BY STEP walkthrough of meritocratic jesus..better than the DVD... Which was intended to be praising your religion! Some of you did not appear to pick that up. Also some discussion on why Meritocracy is bad.

(vi) On another note , do continue your support for charity organizations in singapore.

- En & Hou

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