Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Singapore Has A FINE Blogosphere!

Not a full issue, still on hiatus, just something to lighten up the mood in the midst of rising tension... ;) - Hou

Oct 10 - We have archived the entry on 'The Diary Of A Chinese High Boy', as the blog now appears to be dead.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Promo Hiatus

Dear Sketchpad readers,

We are on a hiatus (temporary break) until 10 October 2005. This is because both of us are mugging away for the upcoming JC1 Promotional Examinations. No new webcomic entries will be produced during this period.

We understand your disappointment in our decision, but we can't really find any spare time to meet up and draw at this time. Neither would we want to compromise the current quality of our webcomic to meet deadlines.

In the meantime though, we'll be just jotting down ideas that may be used for future entries. We also welcome your ideas via email.

We hope that you have enjoyed our webcomic entries so far, and we would like to wish our student readers all the best for their upcoming examinations!

Your patience shall be rewarded! (And oh, we'll be going back to weekly too!) ^o^

Yours sincerely,
En & Hou
The Students' Sketchpad.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Choices - Sometimes in life, you ain't have many choices... - Let's go steady! WAIT! I don't want to rush. Catholic High is affiliated to sooooo...many CHIJ schools. I want to think of my CHOICES! - Whatever.
SJI guy. - Wait for me dear, I'm gonna get some ice-cream! - !DIE!
Hey, where has your other friend gone? - She left without you! Well, let me tell you what kind of person she really is...
I love pinkie! I luv bunny rabbits! - ! - X(
Hail SATAN! I have found...a dead rabbit! For my rituals! - I shall do my rituals in an abandoned shack!
Handsome! Darling!
Looks like I ain't got many choices. Let's go steady. - Why...Why do all my friends turn out to be like that...? - Meanwhile... Ha! Stupid Hopper locked me up in a shack! Little does he know that I've got PSP to pass time!
Holy Shit! Who are you! - Hello Charles...Your nightmare has just begun! - NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Hopper let me out! Just f***ing let m out!

We've decided to experiment something different today. Comic lovers should get a sense of deja-vu for this entry. ;)

The comic and text is relatively smaller than usual, reason being that it's done in the IHarthDarth style.

We'll be reducing the frequency of new webcomics to once per fortnight, until after promos. We need time to study for our upcoming promotional exams, ya know!

On a side note, while the Singapore blogosphere is experiencing hoo-hahs, I'm beginning to enjoy and appreciate the comparative tranquility here. :)

Ahhh...speaking which, something for all of us to reflect upon - What is fame...?
- Hou

"I'm the King of The Castle" is the lit book the current batch of secondary 4 students are doing, and it is the last batch. There is one scene where Hooper locks a wussy sissy kingshaw in a shack. Thus the in joke for those who have read the book. - En

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