Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today, I'm Mugging About Blogging!

Mr Miyagi (aka Benjamin Lee) picks up our blog ("The Schools' Journal 1") up in his light-hearted TODAY column :

"Another group of students writes and draws about their experiences at school.

The Students’ Sketchpad ( is a series of very well done “webcomic” sketches about schools and the education system in Singapore.

And how “blogging accounts for 10 per cent of promos (promotional exams) results” in a “certain junior college” involved in “a certain well-known online blogging competition”.

Don’t students get rapped on the knuckles for doodling while studying anymore?"

Also mentioned in his article, is how one of the essay questions in the RJC Prelim GP Paper actually turned out to be about blogging :

"You know the Singaporean blogging scene has actually made it rather big when you get GP essay questions on blogging and podcasting like so: Completely unexpected ..." > More...

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Teachers' Day Special

The Students' Sketchpad - Teachers' Day Special!
O' Cher, Cher, tell us why. Why so much homework, yet so little time. You make us do our TYS, and then we fail all our tests. I want to sleep, I want to slack. Budden you whack me on the back. And you shout into my very ear...MY NAME WILL CAUSE YOU FEAR - Hand up by Tuesday, Thousand Year Series TYS
We actually all very obedient. There's no need to say that we are stupid child. We don't want to learn what we don't need. You make us burn, you make me bleed. - Hands bleed after too much writing - Burning midnight oil - Storm, Earth and Fire! Heed my call! - Maths, Humanities, or Chemistry. I fail'em all, now don't you see? There's really little hope for me. Leave me alone and let me be. I want to DOTA, have some fun, and den I will frag everyone.
O' Student, Student, you stupid fool. There's very little thing to do. Every once, or twice a year. MOE will soon appear, and strike all of us with fear. - Hi! Everyone's getting used to me... (Old Syllabus) - You're too old! (New Syllabus) - Kick! Ahhhhh! - 'Teach less learn more', what does it mean? IP, IB and Special Stream. Newer syllabus, more to teach, now you understand why I bitch.
I o'really use English teach, and still you say : It's pile-o-shit.
We're powerless pawns in a bigger game, where schools vie for glorious fame. We're all in a race, where we must keep the pace. - This is unacceptable! Profit margin fell by 3%! No IP for you! - But we tried our Best! (Principals)

Translation for Page V :

I know chinese is not easy.
Not as easy as you want it to be.
Being able to Speak chinese is fortunate,
it will be unwise to lose this ability.
I hope you heed my words.
The world revolves around the english language
to be able to speak it means certain employment.
Yet i feel quite frustrated at the situation.

Nanyang girl: What are they doing?
HCI fella: I have no idea.
Nanyang girl: And your leg hair has grown long again.

And of course...Happy Teachers' Day! - En & Hou

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dear Students' Sketchpad

The Students' Sketchpad answers your burning questions! Dear Students Sketchpad, I can't help but wonder why so many AC guys choose to date SCGS and MGS girls. This is so true, perhaps you can answer this question. Sincerely, Confused AC guy. - Any questions? Email us!
Students' Sketchpad computer answers! You see, the answer to your question lies in the way AC guys choose to jio girls! Your method of jioing is meant to maximise your attractiveness to SC & MG girls! Good for you. - 1. The girls dig the way you are unable to speak Chinese properly. This is because some of them too are uncapable of doing so. They also see you as an attractive American male. - Chinese sucks dude!
2. They take lines from American teen movies that really work their hormones. - To me you are perfect, and my wasted heart will love you... (love Actually) - Uh...Luv...Okay... - 3. Even if they don't memorise, your strong gentlemen meantality will take them far...
Whether be carrying their bags... OR defending their girl rights. - Girls are meant to be pampered! I say we work while they play...
4. Your body building culture is good for you. - 5. You lack other substitues. a) If you choose to date Chinese school students, there is a language barrier, and you suffer in competition - HCI - Chinese Poem.
b) Your gentlemenly ways just don't work on neighourhood school girls... -  I really like you...and I want to know more about you...and so I... - And so, I think we should know each other better...and... - What talking you. So wishy-washy! KNN, get away from me!
Therefore, 2 schools ought to be enuff for you. Yours sincerely, The Students' Sketchpad - Email Us!

Readers rejoyce! Both of us decided to meet up for coffee today and managed to come up with a new entry. You can consider this to be a bonus one. ;)

Oh, and for some who asked what the HC guy is saying, he's reciting a love poem.
- Hou

In addition to the weekly comics, we are also trying to churn out more stuff, in particular for the chinese schools. Some forms of humour need alot of work. - En

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Teachers' Day Special

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Awards & Mentions

The awards, as promised, are now avaliable here. Pick the one that's suitable for you!

Our latest entry, The School's Journal 1 has been both (Again!) Tomorrow-ed and Balderdash-ed! =D

Legal Issues

We apologise that there was no publication on 24 August 2005. This is due to an attention whore someone sending us with a false legal threat in the form of a comment. We take every legal threat seriously - to do otherwise is to simply play with fire.

Later investigations revealed the perpetrator to be a guy from SAJC, who is hoping that the 'practical joke' he has played would 'help him attract (SCGS?) chicks on a scale he never thought possible.' Records of the incident have since been archived in private.

We'll be returning next week.
- 25/8 Hou

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The Schools' Journal 1

It is rumoured in a certain junior college, blogging accounts up to 10% of one's promo results. (In a certain well known online blogging competition...rumour only) - My daughter are Yours! - Thy sons are Eeeew... - Ayam Brand Junior College - Since 1876
They even advertise in blogging conventions. - AYAMS! - Vote for blog.ayam! SMS 'ayam' to 96183... - Chicken dancing - Students Sketchpad will analyse what will happen in years ahead, if school competitions continues to be so competitive...that even blogging is about competing to win...
1st, Blogging would become an academic subject...Accounting for 50% admission to U. - Ten Year Series Blogging - July 1997 - November 2007 - Topic by Topic Exam Questions! - Sample Question : Nov 2007/P2/Q2 - OmG. I saW a CuTe T.T boYz...=D E Lik v. Jay CHou LiDDAT woRz!!11 - To what extent is this a good blog. Comment. [25 marks]
2nd, Schools would pay Top Dollar to have 'professional' bloggers teach their students. - River Valley High School - I have a high PSLE score! And you must pose like how am I right now! - Understood.
Some 'professionals' are more desirable than others... - She BANGS! She BANGS! - Bums of Steel - There's no better way to advertise for your blog than by stripping! I'm Stevie Lim! And I'm hot stuff. Visit my website at
Some more intellectual than others. - - CHEEM.
3rd, School principals learn to 'fog' what they say with a mindless slurry of maxims, slogans, and educational academia. - Social responsibility and suitable opportunities provided for every student - Our school image needs to be presented in a manner that conveys our dedication to innovative progressive thought, yet we must be careful not to supercede our inherent capabilities and forget the foundational conservatism that landed us in where we are today. Dilligence and hardwork and values that should be instilled with the...
While conveying the obvious - JUST WORK HARDER MAGGOTS! WORK! OR I WILL SKIN YOUR HEINOUS HIDES... Understand? - Yup Yup...
4th, Nathan will still be president. But thats beside the Point. Point is that MOE will invent new catchphrases for its educational programmes. - What should we call a programme that makes students do Project Work - Project Work? - No. Too boring. - Project Time? - No. Too unprofessional. - Integrated workgroup preparation training? - By Jove! Yes! - Study more learn more - Creative minds for better tomorrow - MOE HQ - Today's Leaders need more mugging.
New awards for every school to show off, aside from sustained achievement awards we have. - Umm...Sweet! Lollie Pop Award - Pissed off Award - You suck Yo! - Singapore Mugging Class - More circles means more sustains! Super Sustained Sustainable Achievement Award - Aim Shoot Piss Clean. Clean Toilet Award
More Awards! - ? Award ? - Most Award Award - Awards that Awards those that Award for the sake of Awarding -  Best Attitude Award. F*** of Mutha Fugger - The Mugging Mug Award - LV Metro Paragon. Most Patronage Award (We know who will win, Duh!)
Finally : We reward everyone with our very own awards. Best of all, its free! And every school can have these awards...That way all of you won't have to comete...Aren't we smart? :) En & Hou - We won an Award! Yayness!

P.S. Ayam Brand *is* tasty good stuff though! - Hou

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Nintendumb, GameF*** and ACS(I) proudly presents..... PokeMaid!
HI! I'm filthy richie! I'm a Pokemiad Owner - Wait! Here comes a new challenger! - ACS(I) Boy : Your father drives a Mazda! Be prepared to see who the real PokeMaid Owner! - (It is rumoured in AC that it is an insult to say someone's Dad drives a Mazda)
Go Wendychu! From Philippines... - Making me wear this should violate some human right laws - Sir, this is embarrassing. - PokeMaid Ball - HA! A Wendy Chu is nothing.
Go Elsaratata From Indonesia! Wear On, Dishwash liquid - This modern day slavery is too much... - Fight!
Whack Whack - Squirt... - Detergent Attack! - Broom Hit! - Dishwasher Fury! - Tail Attack! Tail Attack!
I'm gonna marry the winner of this PokeMaid match! Surely, he will be the richer of the 2! - Misty Girls School (MGS)
Suddenly, she noticed... - Gasp, AC Hunk! - Forget Rich! I'm going for handsome looks! - (MGS cos' we'd too much hatemail from SCGS last time...
Hey HUNK! How would you like to make me your permanent PokeMaid :P - Sorry, I'm GH3Y (gay), I already have someone I love... - A friend commented that hunks she like were gay...All the hot ones we know are straight.
WHAT...NO...!! WHY?! WHY?! - Pika...Pi...Pika Pika! (What a buncha fools)

Bah, one of my friends tell me that the only good AC guys she likes are gay...what a bummer for them.

We update it every Wednesday... so be sure to check... We probably won't have a strip next week due to National Day holidays, we students will be at home enjoying our jingoistic MTVs playing on the air. =P

SCGS girls pleading for a review of their stereotypes have yielded fruit! Now we're saying its the MGS girls who are guilty...yeah, right...and SCGS girls are not. Since some of them are so intent for a image upheaval. However, let me contribute by saying that its only the stereotypes we're actually jacking off at.

Oh btw, its not easy trying to make fun of ACS. Technically, all we know is that they're filthy rich...until the day when we actually have the capability to do a long comic involving ACS boys comtemplating the buying of nuclear weapons and vertu handphones...this idea is pretty bleak.
- En

Following feedback we've toned down some bit of swearing. Oh, and take En's comments about 'SCGS asking for review of stereotypes' with a pinch of salt - cos' no schools shall escape from our ridicule, regardless of opinon! ;) - Hou

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