Friday, June 30, 2006


It is with regret that we are being held up again at the moment. Hou is struggling to pick up the pieces from his mid-year Common Test results, while En is preparing for it and his Internet connection effectively went bust. :(

In the meantime, we showcase you another piece of fan work from Richard Lee (remember Christmas Special, Continued?) that we received quite a while back :

Remember the 1st 3 months? - The craze with Mass Dance - The Daring and Sometimes Crazy People - Uniform X-Change & Cross Dressing - Super-Enthu Cheerleaders - Pon School - Crashing Schools - Scholars or Muggers - The Quiet Ones - The Mandarin Ducks - The Very Enthu Event Manager - OG Outing! - Late-Comers - Propaganda - Ultra-Strict Teachers

Crazy things happen during the first three months, such as skipping classes to go on crashing sprees, uniform parades, and mad attempts at jioing girls. ;) Most school stereotypes would also become very obvious as one spot the patterns of students wearing the same secondary school uniforms. Only one thing mattered - that was fun, fun and fun. Richard's sketch pretty much speaks for itself. :D

Unfortunately, the last year the first three months (PAE) would run is 2008, as MOE has decided to scrap it by 2009. It was a period for many of us to really take a break off mugging and have a social life - a lifeskill that you can't learn from books. The generation of students after 2008 will definitely lose out from this. Not to say, the lack of mix between cultures in future would also mean that the stratification of students between different schools will further widen.

To be honest, The Students' Sketchpad wouldn't have existed without the first three months. If there was a time to know a broad group of people with different perspectives, this was the time. Both of us first got known each other during a lecture session, and strangely then the our background interest was on IT/computing, not art!

Oh, and do share your experience of first three months with us too! - Hou

Thursday, June 15, 2006

All Over Again! The End is Nigh!

1. Remember the Feminazic RGS Girl?

Hurrah! - This is a touching moment...

And then half a year later...

2. Now, remember the HCI boy trying to save the NY girl?

And yet another half a year later...

Guess we spilled the beans, eh? ;) - Hou


Hahaha, this here is all very interesting, but really its all a coincidence. Believing in stuff like this will also mean you believe in those conspiracy theories on the net.

Take this hand sign for example... conspiracy theorist will tell you that this is in fact proof that Bush is a satanist/ illuinati/ freemason... Hahahaha!

The picture above shows the sign of the "horned demon". A secret handsign known only by the most poweful and influential of the masonic wizards - click here to read more.

According to the Adamic text of the freemasons, they would penetrate the most powerful in society and soon conquer the world and set a New World Order. And then comes the anti-christ! Hahaha, aren't we lucky its all just Hogwash, because if it were true...

It can't be... NO... It's a lie! IT'S A LIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

More stuff on the New World Order (NWO) : A youtube video on the illuminati, and the commander report says its a martial arts stance. Hah! - En

P.S. Some of you may recongize what En described above as a cultural difference : There was a 1985 case whereby a group of teenagers were flaunting this sign in the Vatican celebrating the victory of the Texas Longhorns. Pope John Paul II apparently got offended and called the Police to have them arrested! (p. 123, The Definitive Book of Body Language, Pease) Perhaps a similiar case is happening here right now? - Hou


After reading through some of the comments on this post by Mr Wang, I suddenly had a feeling of deja-vu.

"Blog in no less than 30 words..." (enlarge)

The Star Blogs at STOMP are pretty much no different from my secondary school ordering all the students to write something for 30 minutes in the morning daily "to improve our English".

Well, at least the bloggers get paid for doing so! - Hou (21 June)

Monday, June 12, 2006

What Killed Christoper Robin? (Part I)

Who Killed Christoper Robin? A Sketchpad series of the new adventures of Winnie-the-pooh - It was spring once again, and Winnie-the-pooh awaits the return of Christoper Robin...
Christoper! You're back! - Must...have chicken...essence...addicted...need to get high... - But Christoper Robin did not seem quite the same.
It's an owl! The smartest in the forest! - What? SMARTEST? You must be a GEPer! The chosen few! Get away! AAAHH!
Friggin...Talking Animals! Get Away! Must Study for Exams! PSLE! O Levels! Whatever! HeHeHe...
Too tired, haven't slept in days...Studying...Studying...Hehehe - What did this to you?
School! - And then he died on that very day...
There was much moaning on that day... Boo Hoo ... - Why Christoper...Why?
Everyone in the hundred arce wood had their own opinon of what 'school' is... - It's a place with heffalump and woozles. - School is where you go after you die. Christoper told me all about it.
The worse hit was Pooh. He went into a state of chronic depression. - Suddenly, the Hunny is Rumbly in my tummy no more... - Thrown into a state of existential struggle, the question of 'school' begun to take on personal undertones.
I need to find out... My existence depends on it, or I shall never be at peace...

To Be Continued...

New series, a continuation of A. A. Milne's original Winnie-the-pooh series. Read this last chapter if you require some context. - Hou

Also see : BBC News Report, Christoper Robin replaced

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

What's Your Point of View?

Mr Lee Yi Shyan gives us an interesting opinon on how does an artist/novelist (Arts student) and an engineer (Science student) look at a cup of coffee with different perspectives. (ST 2 June, p. 38)

We would hence like to boldly propose the following new "Point of View" ad, for HSBC!

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