Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi people.

Hello. Is anyone out there still? Two years does seem like a long time doesn't it? Again, I seem to be back at trying to do what I've always liked doing. But I can't seem to draw studentssketchpad anymore. I'm no longer connected to the schooling system like I used to and I can no longer garner sufficient inspiration. Studentssketchpad was an attempt to make people come to terms with their own school stereotypes, regardless of who you are and as such the humor tended to appeal to a broader base. 

But things are somehow different now..

I wanted to draw something I would want to read. I wanted to create something more personal to myself. It was with such intention that I started ebget a few weeks ago. 

Oh, and another thing. Why have we not seen the advent of more interesting online content while we were gone? We were expecting videos , movies and political tragicomedies made by junior college kids! 

Thank You for your time. 


Hey, at least we had fun working on this project while we were still in the heart of this education system!

After two years, from what I hear little has changed, and probably so in the future. Who knows, twenty years from now, students in their own time would still be able to relate themselves to Students' Sketchpad.

Personally I'm working on new projects on a different scope from En's. Blogging looks rather obsolete now - perhaps in future the next generation of students who wish to do a project along this line would have newer media to play with. We'll keep the site alive and as it is though, so that you can go through it whenever you want.

Goodbye, and thanks to all our readers!

- Hou, 10/4/2009